April 15, 2011

Email Marketing Don'ts for Businesses

What's the first thing you do after you boot your PC? If you're anything like me, you would instantly check your emails. If you're familiar with the sender or intrigued by the subject, you would open the email. If not, it goes straight to the trash and as an added measure, you would label it as junk or spam. So how would your company continue your email marketing efforts?

When you search for email marketing tips in Google, there are more than 14 million results. In an effort to stray from this often discussed and widely written topic, I have compiled a few do-this-for-instant-deletion email marketing tips.
Tip #1: Send 100 emails to one person. This is an exaggeration of course. I don't receive 100 emails about one topic from one person in one day but I have received emails from different people saying the same thing. And they all go directly to the trash.

Tip #2: The email starts out with "Dear Subscriber". I immediately think: "I don't even know who this person is or what this company's about. I did not subscribe to this." and again send it directly to the trash.

Tip #3: Make the subject sound too much like a sales pitch. Sales ad are a big no-no to me. If you're sending out a newsletter, make sure that the subject would catch the attention of the recipient and follow through with a newsletter that does not cajole, beg, plead or demand a sale.

Tip #4: Send graphic-heavy emails. If your subscribers want to browse pictures, they might as well read a comic book. Also, hotmail, yahoo and gmail have a default setting which automatically blocks images.

Check out Tips for Better Email Deliverability for email marketing options.


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