April 13, 2011

How to Increase your Social Media Influence

It is generally acknowledged that opinions of people who have high social influence are held in high regard. With the proliferation of social networking sites, influence are given all the more focus. So how do you go from being a follower to being an influencer?

Investing in networking efforts and giving back to the community are both vague but very important strategies.
Blogging for instance does not mean that you only write fluff articles or use it solely for self-promotion. People would visit your site if you have relevant and useful information to share. It goes the same way for social networking sites. Voicing out your own opinions and constantly contributing what you know on topics you and other business owners care about are tried and tested ways to increase your social media influence.

In creating contents that are updated and significant, you bring to your site visitors an intention of sharing your knowledge. There are three strategies needed to increase one's social media influence and these are: communication, commitment and engagement. Communication also includes commenting on other articles which interests you and responding to comments left on your site in a timely manner. Online businesses have to build a strong relationship with their existing and potential customers. In doing so, people who are part of a network of your regular customers would also be enticed to visit your site and read about your tips and advices. Your social media influence says a lot about how often and how much you help other people so if you still haven't done it lately, it's about time for you to do so now.

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