March 31, 2011

Getting On With the YouTube Marketing Strategy for Online Businesses

If you're operating an online business, surely you know that marketing your business through YouTube is definitely in. After ensuring that you have a blog (presumably, you already have one if not, then get one!) and that it is updated, and your Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook accounts are already getting viral. It's about time that you give enough time for a video marketing strategy using YouTube.

Online content is not just about engaging with the community you're currently a member of, making your online content viral means that you have got to get ready for some tough competition. You have to set goals, make realistic expectations about where you want to go vis-a-vis how you are going about it. Case in point, there are millions of videos already uploaded on YouTube. I am not counting yet how many are being uploaded by the hour by practically everybody who's anybody. The most important thing you need to remember is that YouTube is not in itself going to spread word around like wildfire. You need to have some strategy behind the strategy.

The first thing you need to do is to ensure that the video you will be uploading is not all about sales pitch. The video should be engaging and fun. It's not all about what your business is. You have to remember that YouTube is a social channel. You have got to learn the art of networking, without boring people on how fine your company is. Chances are, they would just smile and go on to the next video. Your video should elicit reaction from your target market. It could be thought-provoking or funny. The important thing to remember is that people should always hunger for more. And that's what your goal should be in making your video.

Fine, you've just uploaded your first-ever video. But you can't sit around all day watching and waiting for people to watch it. Actually you could but I doubt it would be productive.

Uploading a video on YouTube is just the first step. The next step is to promote it. Without a plan for promotion or distribution, your uploaded video is just going to be one of the many videos on YouTube that is going to be watched by a handful of people, you included. Get the word out via the social networks you are a consistent member of. However, don't get too hyped with the number of views your video gets. What's important is there should be a meaningful engagement between you and your viewers.


Cynthia Corsetti said...

Hey, thanks for the article. I am planning on a YouTube video in the near future. I found your post informative.

the ingenious entrepreneur said...

Thanks Cynthia! Happy to pass around useful information. Once you post your YouTube video, drop me a line. I'd be very interested.

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