September 8, 2010

Net Neutrality and Starting an Internet Business

More entrepreneurs are finding it easier and cheaper to start their own internet business. Basically, what you would need is the product, the website, business licenses, wholesalers and of course creating an online presence that would make you visible to your target market. Starting an internet business have good business practices that you need to be aware of and it also pose risks just like any other business.

There are some business groups which are questioning rules on net neutrality. What is net neutrality and how can it impact your startup?

The principle behind net neutrality is that all internet traffic is treated equally. However, the latest news regarding this is that the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is subjecting broadband Internet service to common carrier regulation which means that with the National Broadband Plan, everyone in the U.S. would be entitled to have broadband capability. This proposed FCC neutrality rules is yet to be approved but when it does happen small businesses would have a better opportunity for growth. If you are thinking of starting an internet business, this new FCC proposal can mean a huge boost for your business since you can expect intensive usage of your target market as bandwidth is stretched.

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