September 3, 2010

Privacy Concerns And Twitter: Impact to Your Business

I have just received an email today from Twitter about their latest updates on applications. Apparently, this roll-out of information is because of growing privacy concerns regarding the usage of Twitter applications. Twitter gained popularity as a social networking tool which is fast proving to be an effective digital marketing tool as well since the inception of internet business.

>Because of its rapid popularity and the fact that anyone in the world can see your tweets, there is a justifiable reason why companies and even individuals are wary of possible security risks, privacy threats and regulatory compliance.

There are a couple of threats which Twitter poses:

• Data Leakage
• Inappropriate Content
• Lack of IT control
• Loss of IP
• Privacy
• SEC Regulation
• Security

The reason that Twitter sent out the email regarding the updates and link policies is to reinforce security on the site. On this note, exploitation by cybercriminals would be lessened and hopefully end altogether so that social networking could continue to promote internet business minus the security risks.

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