August 19, 2009

Take Care of Your Most Important Business Asset - EMPLOYEES!

I found a really good article from which talks about uplifting your employees morale. I can really relate to this because I already have experienced how it is to be working and yet your are unhappy. What really causes that unhappiness is when your views, suggestions or any sentiments for the companies falls to deaf ears. Playing as if everything is okay and as if nothing has happened. No follow-ups are even made. If only legally and ethically I could detail everything here publicly, I would have done so. However, I must keep my mouth shut for now.

Having unhappy employees working for you is a very big problem for me, that is if I am your employer. Why? Simply because this unhappy employee could not give his best and why would he when he's unhappy right? The quality of work will really be affected whether we will like it or not. Also, I always bear in mind that do not unto others if you don't want them to do it unto you. How could you expect the best from your employees if you often take them for granted? How will you know their problems or any sentiments if you don't constantly communicate with them? How can make them happy if you just take for granted whatever your employee has to say? If you're an employer? I believe you should try to check out the story submitted by Zane Safrit at bizsugar --Six Ways to Improve Employee Morale Without Breaking the Bank.

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