August 24, 2009

Social Media and our Responsibility

We already know that as we get better, the game gets bigger. We are not born to get stuck to one lifetime phase but instead we strive each day to go on living and winning over obstacles along the way. This is also true for power. Great power will always come with great responsibility.

Social Media today has already achieved that great power. It has been a resounding success for different campaigns and influences with a great amount of reach. Social media offers many businesses and organizations a unique platform to promote their cause and to let the world know of their existence. Try checking out my post about How Internet or Any Business Benefits Social Media.

The above is quoted from my guest post at You can check out the complete post here - Social Media Power Comes With Great Responsibility.

Also, I would like to grab this chance to thank Charles for his kindness and allowing me to do a guest post on his blog. Thanks a lot Charles!

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Charles said...

Hi Mary, that's no problem at all - you're more than welcome!