April 29, 2009

How Internet or Any Business Benefits Social Media

"I agree with the goodness that being a social media maven brings. What I really appreciate the most with social media today is that it builds bridges to connect people from different parts of the world in a quick, responsive and less expensive manner, most are even free."

Well above is actually my comment from this post -- What SMBs Can Learn From Dell’s Small Business Outreach. I am not promoting Dell guys but they are worth noting for because they continue to give importance to small to medium size businesses with their really intensive and helpful Small and Medium Business Solutions Center.

You know what even if sales of their products seems to go with the flow of the economy today, they still make sure to gain that positive branding and loyal customers.

How they do that?
A lesson in being a social media maven. Dell has active social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and YouTube, as well as many blogs and forums. They’re finding out where their customers are and they are reaching out to them to grow their own community through the Web. If you’re a frustrated Dell customer, they’re finding ways to come to you and improve your experience. And that’s what positive branding and loyal customers are built on.

So, please don't tell me guys that you aren't convinced still what social media could bring to our Internet business.

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