June 8, 2009

A Surprising List of Twitter Tips Created

It's just recently that I have finally revived my first blog - Girlopinion.com and get it back working again. I just had my editor opened and surprisingly I came up with a list of twitter tips which I believed should have been posted here in my business blog. But I just leave it as is as I decided that since I have revived my first personally owned blog, I wanted my post to be as valuable as possible.

Honestly, I'm quiet surprised with the turn out of reader interaction on that post. Readers who came all the way from a list of friends, organic searches and bookmarked results were there to give some insights. I was overwhelmed and now I can see how important it is to really share valuable information to your readers. It's all worth the effort and time invested.

Btw, here's my 1st and ultimate twitter tip:

1. First, you must set a purpose.

As I have observed, twitter profiles belong to 3 categories namely: Personal Oriented, Business Oriented and Spam Oriented!These 3 types of Tweeps(people who tweet) have obviously set different purpose why they signed up for Twitter. Your profile can either be a personal, business or spam account. You might be wondering why I included spam profiles as one of the categories. Well, simply because in Twitter, you will really see obvious (spell OBVIOUS) spam profiles: following you, flooding your timeline with senseless tweets and a lot more. Now, YOU choose where you want to belong!

Check out the remaining 9 tips on my list of twitter tips over at GirlOpinion.Com.

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