April 20, 2009

Show To The World The Goodness of Twitter!

I'm an avid Twitter user: @girlopinion and so I thought Guy Kawasaki's post --How to Demo Twitter is perfect for me to be able to show off to my friends how beneficial it will be to use Twitter for your business.

One of the great challenges for anyone who loves Twitter is to show other people why they should love it too. Often it’s like explaining something you find funny: “You had to be there.” The contextual, ever-changing, and high-volume nature of Twitter makes explaining it difficult. Here are ten tips to help you demo Twitter to your friends, family, and colleagues.
  1. Sales and support. Truly, Twitter is no longer predominantly about people telling strangers that their cat rolled over or that the line at Starbucks is long. You can start off by showing how businesses use Twitter. For example, AmazonDeals increases Amazon’s revenue, and ComcastCares provides support to Comcast customers. Zappos promotes the caring brand image of the company because its CEO, Tony Hsieh, is doing the tweeting.
  2. Competitive intelligence. Another business use of Twitter is monitoring what people are saying about a company or its product. For example, look at this search of mentions of P&G and Swiffer. You can also monitor what people are saying about the competition—for example, if you work for AT&T Wireless, you should watch what people are saying about Verizon with this search.
The above quoted paragraphs are merely a fraction of the extensive 10 Tips on How to Demo Twitter from Guy's point of view. I think you must check out his article and quench that thirst for learning.

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