April 16, 2009

Why Care About Social Bookmarking?

Today, I will feature a trend that will help us - internet business owners, leverage our business. And that is through Social Bookmarking.

But wait, do everyone knows what social bookmarking is? So if you don't, the quoted sentence below is for you.

Social bookmarking is a method for Internet users tost ore, organize, search, and manage bookmarks of web pages on the Internet with the help of metadata, typically in the form of tags.

Why care about social bookmarking?

1. Quick Indexing: The fastest way to have any webpage or site visited by the search engines and indexed is by submitting them to any of the popular social book-marking sites like StumbleUpon, OnlyWire and others. I have had a brand new one-day old website visited by the Yahoo, Google and MSN search engine robots within 24 hours of submitting them to these social book-marking sites. I can categorically say that it is the best bait to attract the bots to your pages.

2. Traffic Generation: There is more to book-marking your pages online than just getting indexed; you are also guaranteed some traffic from these sites as soon as you submit to them. Since you will also be tagging (or submitting them under your niche keywords), a lot of the traffic from these sites are also very targeted. The result is that you may also have return visitors if you have very useful content or compelling offers on your website.

The above 2 tips about social bookmarking is a fraction of Suthan's article over at Ezine revealing the 4 Irresistible Benefits of Social Bookmarking. To complete our quest for social bookmarking, consider checking out his article and this is where you'll jumpstart.

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