August 17, 2009

Feature: BizSugar - A Community Based News Site

BizSugar is a community based news site for small business and medium sized businesses. It is a highly reliable source of information you wish to know and learn about. Topics are widely ranged from Marketing, Social Media, Management, Technology and a lot more which are surely beneficial for business CEOs, owners, marketers, managers and even aspirants like me. What's really good with BizSugar is that information comes from different business enthusiasts with wide range of interests which you really can see the potentials of the site in becoming a very good reliable source of business information.

Of course, all these goodness that BizSugar has grown so far comes with great responsibilities and challenges that the whole BizSugar team faced, the moment Anita bought BizSugar two months ago. Challenges ranges from managing an open source Pligg software and technical glitches which causes some unhappy registrants of the site. And of course, Anita and the team, learned a lot from the experience of managing a Pligg site which you can read from Anita's post about -- Bizsugar: 7 Lessons in The First 60 Days.

And it was such a great honor for me to be recognized by Anita Campbell of Small Business Trends and a renowned small business owner in US to become a part of her team at BizSugar as one of the site moderators. Thanks Anita!

So guys, if you are looking for a great resource of small and medium business information, you should check out BizSugar.Com , register now, share news, discuss with other community members and learn a lot about business from now on.

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