August 22, 2008

Josh Chandler in U.K. Start Up Contest

Now guys, this is really amazing. A teen at 17 years old in U.K. Start Up Contest. That teen I am referring to is Josh Chandler. I know what you are thinking. You're thinking he is one of the participants? Well, he is still amazing if that's the case but the truth is he's one of the judges and at as young as he is - already inclined into business. Well for the winner of this contest , he will be given the chance to pitch his idea to a venture capitalist and if granted will be able to win funding for his business. That sounds really interesting. It will really be a dream come true for all U.K. internet business dreamers.


Josh Chandler said...

Hello Mary,

Thanks for the mention about the competition, I hope some of your readers/ active members will come over and vote for their favourite UK company, I am very excited to be judging this competition based on the entrants so far.

Like Mary said "It will really be a dream come true for all U.K. internet business dreamers", these kind of oppurtunites don't come around too often.

Make your vote count today over at:


PS- Just subscribed to your blog, great content :)

Mary Grace Ignacio said...

Hi Josh!

I'm surprised and grateful that you visited here in my blog. Keep up the good work because you are truly inspiring to all internet business dreamers like me. :)

PS: Thanks for subscribing. :)

Josh Chandler said...

You are very welcome, let's keep in contact. Email me at:



Name: Mary Grace Ignacio said...

Thanks for dropping by again, Josh!