August 9, 2011

Should You Mobilize Your Online Business?

When desktops, laptops and e-commerce were the trends to follow for business success, everyone slowly but surely built their own websites, paid to optimize their sites, improved their landing pages and all other stuff that had we known we would all do 10 years from now, our mind probably would have reeled. Now with rapidly growing technology that is mobile connectivity, we are all faced with a similar question that we business owners had faced before: do we really need this? What will we stand to gain? And of course that all-important question of whether our business could actually afford it.

Everyday, everywhere you go you can see people stuck to their mobile devices like glue. If they aren’t texting, they’re talking to someone. Mobile phones undoubtedly gives us the gift of mobility, that of being physically away (maybe even miles away) and yet being present at the same time over the phone. Smartphones are now being considered a necessity as more business owners work far from their offices but of course, it doesn’t mean that they can’t stay connected.

So does your business really need to have a mobile strategy? The answer depends largely on your target market. Unfortunately (or fortunately, whatever the case may be), everyone uses their mobile devices for nearly everything nowadays. Even my 10-year old nephew already has a cellphone of his own that he uses to play games with. In order for our business to be on a level playing field, we have to keep up with the latest trends in the industry. Competition is fierce and business owners who would ignore the fact that most mobile commerce is fast gaining traction may realize their mistake far too late in the game. The question isn’t just whether our business could afford it. The most important question that we should answer is: could our business afford not to?

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