July 26, 2011

Data Backup for Non-Techie Entrepreneurs

Operating a full-scale business online has its own risks, like everything else. Perhaps one of the gravest threats to your business is data loss. Whether it is because of some technical issue, viruses/malware or human error, this may mean the possible death of your business. It is fine if you’re an IT professional but what about the rest of us who aren’t blessed with as much technical knowledge as others are? Most people realize the need to backup their files but this realization does not necessarily mean that they all do. Some people forget about it, what with the daily business grind and some people may find it a challenge to do so because they’re not really familiar with it.
The reality is, we are living in a digital world and there’s more to just a couple of photos that might be lost or documents that might be damaged. If you are running a business, the threat is that your data might be stolen. It is about time then that you ask yourself, “How safe do I keep my files?”
There are many ways for non-technical business people to backup their files. There is an abundance of file backup software that you could use which are designed for business owners who have no technical experience or have little technical knowledge who might find backing up data a bit confusing. Another option is the online file storage. You might have heard of cloud storage, that’s an example. Basically what would happen is that you would have a copy of your files on the cloud or stored on the net so that even if your hard drive gets corrupted, you would still be able to access your files without a hitch. Another option is the offsite file backup. There are offsite data backup providers who would be able to backup your files and data to another location just in case your copies get compromised. One of the advantages of this option is that you won’t have to buy any additional hardware or software plus you don’t have to do any maintenance either so it is a viable option especially for those who don’t have the time and energy to do anything else other than run the business.
When you think about it, small businesses aren’t really that small after all because they also manage a lot of information and most of them are sensitive which is why extra precaution needs to be taken so that all data are protected. File backup isn’t a luxury that small businesses have the option whether to do it or not. It is a necessity because lost data may mean lost business if you’re not careful.

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