May 21, 2010

Overcoming “Do it Later” Cycle

Internet business is a nice avenue for starting a business. But some people get in stuck in planning to start a small business because they are never accomplishing what they are planning. For some reason, they got stuck on doing the prerequisites of starting a small business. Perhaps, they can’t start blogging yet because they need to read a book, they can’t start a website because they are still working on the content. And they end up saying “I will do it later”. This kind of attitude is like doing things without proper path.

There is a danger on the attitude of “do it later”. You dream and you plan but you are not taking profit because you are wasting your time dreaming. You can’t make money by planning and dreaming, unless you break the “do it later” attitude.

So when is the right time to start? You have to start now, not later. Planning is a part of the cycle, but you should not end up planning the whole day. Plan, decide and start right away. Start from being small. “Doing things now” with a little startup income is better than “Doing things later” with bigger dream. The later most likely will never happen.

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