January 29, 2010

Local Search Marketing for Small Business

Through the years, internet technology is continuously evolving. We have witnessed right before our eyes how internet jumps from one stage to another.

Businesses has been using internet as a communication tool. This includes emails, chat, Skyping and IMing. Internet Technology has been an effective tool also to increase website visibility through search engines such as Alta Vista, Yahoo and Google. Then, there comes the eBay, Amazon and other forms of ecommerce. Of course, the social networks like Facebook, Friendster, Myspace and Youtube has been an internet craze.

The evolution of internet technology hasn’t stopped there. The next big thing that we all should watch is the Local Search Marketing. Small Businesses are now aware Geo targeted on line advertising value. This kind of marketing is using Google Maps and PPC (Pay Per Click) where one can now Geo target selected ads.

Customers can seek information of the products and services available in the local area, and this would become an advantage for local suppliers.

This is a good time for your business to plan and implement your local marketing on-line.

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local search marketing said...

Any company, large or small, that does a lot of business locally can benefit from local search marketing campaigns. Using traditional advertising such as billboards, newspapers, and even commercials are not only expensive, but possibly less effective than internet marketing.