October 10, 2008

Meet Appssavvy!

Our featured for today is not a popular person in the Internet today but is a brave and truly inspiring online start up business who is worth to be mentioned here in Internet Business Dreams blog.

You might now really be wondering who that is or shall I say what that business is and why they are inspiring enough. Well, meet Appssavvy. See below the news from The New York Times.

An Internet advertising start-up, Appssavvy, said on Tuesday that it had raised $3.1 million in venture capital and signed up NBC as a client. Appssavvy — which sells ads that run alongside applications and widgets on social networks and other Web sites and on devices like the iPhone — is expanding during a rocky time for Internet advertising.

Well, we are very much aware of the global economic crisis that we are experiencing right now, yet it is very inspiring to hear a web-ad start up company expanded at this crucial time in economy. And so, as Appssavyy can, of course there's no reason for us to stop on our doing all the means to realize our internet business dreams.

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