October 13, 2008

Featured for today: SmartSpace!

Go Daddy Levels Internet Playing Field -- Unleashes Web Power for All New Technology!

This is one of headlines in MarketWatch where GoDaddy, a leading provider of services that enable individuals and businesses to establish, maintain and evolve an online presence plays role in converting simple domain name into SmartSpace!

What's SmartSpace? It's the technological development that allows you to register a domain name and convert it into the Web presence you choose, almost instantly.

You can use SmartSpace to automatically create an interactive Web site, a blog, an email address, a podcast, a photo gallery, a video showcase or a chat room without having to be the least bit tech savvy. It means there are no more excuses for not having your own place on the World Wide Web.

The above is quoted from MarketWatch and it is indeed interesting that pursuing our internet business dreams is now made easy. Well, it is very undeniable that the realization of our internet start up or online business or however you may want to call it requires us to establish a Web presence which is very important. And GoDaddy, just unleashed it all for us! This is really a good news for all Internet business dreamers like me.

But oh, does this mean that in the near future, we won't be needing any other internet hosting providers or will hosting providers make a move to innovate GoDaddy's SmartSpace. Well, that is very soon to find out. For now, check out more about this news in Market Watch!

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