September 19, 2008

Online Start Up Will Be Likely The Most Demanding Challenge!

So you’re thinking of launching your own internet business startup? Or is it a business magazine? Maybe you haven’t decided yet but are certain you want to start your own business - just like me.

Maybe you’re seeking an escape from the mundane of eight-to-five employment; maybe you can’t stand working for anyone else for a minute longer; or perhaps you’ve just been made redundant or simply have an idea that’s too good to go to waste. Whichever it is, that first entrepreneurial seed has been sown, and before long you will be starting your own business.

But how can we grow that seed into a thriving, new business? Firstly, do we really want to? Are we cut out for it? Even if we are, is it too greater risk to give up a secure income? And just where should start? We’ve probably got at least one of these questions, along with many others, swimming around our head right now – and that’s perfectly understandable.

Starting up our own business will change our lives. I believe it will change the way we think, the way we work, the way we spend money and the way we socialize. It will surely be one of the most demanding challenges we’ll ever be likely to take on. Am I ready for this? How about you? Are you ready for this?

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