August 20, 2008

Meet the Evil Blogger - John Chow!

John Chow has been tagged as the Evil Blogger. If you visit his site, you will really be impressed with his blog earnings. His blog income report as of June 2008 reaches $40K. That's quite a lot. Well, trying to look from his earnings alone you will be wondering why in the world he is tagged as the evil blogger when these earnings mean inspiration. Is it? Well, you might will get interested in various lessons presented by several authors why John Chow has been tagged this way.

One example is: 4 Lessons From John Chow Google Bombing Experience. Another article is written Jim Kukral, John Chow Is Killing His Blog By Trying Too Hard To Make Money. I knew this is written a year ago but it's worth to read. All internet business dreamers and bloggers like me will surely learn a lot from these.

1 comment:

Mary Grace Ignacio said...

Hi Leyte├▒o,

Yah, John Chow mentioned that you shouldn't put all your eggs to one basket. That's also a lesson from him. :)