August 16, 2010

Your Online Business and Security Breach

Every business has their own Achilles heel and if you're running an online enterprise, the biggest challenge for you is how you could protect your files. Confidentiality is very important for you to be able to keep your business running smoothly. There are numerous ways for people to breach your otherwise secure files and perhaps the most unheard of is when your employees use backdoor file transfers.

For the unassuming business owner, this practice is relatively harmless but when a breach has already been made, any sensitive financial or company-related information could jeopardize your entire operation. An example is when you let your employees use their personal email address in sending out company-related information to others or file sharing. Most of the time, employees overlook this and claim that they have no intention of endangering the company. This might be true but it is not about intentions, it’s the end-result or the bottom line which holds the most importance.

Big companies have their own IT department block out any personal email engines to prevent confidentiality breaches. However, small businesses might have a little difficulty doing the same because of limited resources. For your own peace of mind and for the security of your online business, you have to know which security measures you need to take for you not to lose sensitive information since it is critical for your business. There may be no question on the integrity of your employees but if those data falls into the wrong hands, your online business would suffer and your reputation tarnished.

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