August 11, 2010

Software startups and you

If there’s one thing to be admired about first-time software entrepreneurs, it’s that they constantly find ways to cater to the market even though they have pretty much the same application patterns. The most prominent nowadays is social networking. It can be a dating site, social voting, events, forums, photo and video sharing; all of these have the same pattern. No matter how similar they all seem to be, everyone joins in the bandwagon.

Think about it. The average person opens at least one personal account for each social networking site. Notable are Facebook, Twitter, Multiply, among others. Now, some people have their own business so they have to create another account for each business they have to expand their network and gather customers.

Of course since the nature of the site is to broaden your network, you have got to invite friends, colleagues and even those who you don’t know but share the same interests as you in hopes of increasing your visibility and reputation. This would increase the number of members in each site. With this in consideration, you can say that it really is profitable if you would use similar ideas for your online business. The idea is already laid out for you but what you need is an edge, something that established social media sites have not yet incorporated into their own programs. The good thing about technology is that it evolves and you’ll not be stuck in a rut as long as you keep on finding ways to improve your site and what it offers.

So if you're thinking of running your own software startup, you might want to check your resources on what works, how it works and what you can do to make it work better. The market for social media sites are not yet exhausted and it will never be while there’s a need for other people to connect online with other people. With a little imagination, hard work and the right skill set, there's nothing stopping you from realizing your own online business dream.

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