June 16, 2010

Enhancing Your Online Credibility

Trust is essential in internet business. The first thing that you need to get from your potential customers is trust, otherwise, you won't be an effective internet entrepreneur. Credibility is something you must build up to gain your customer's trust, and you should work on this because credibility cannot be bought nor borrowed, it is something that you should work for yourself.

Once you have established your online credibility, you can use it in your own advantage.

But how to enhance your online credibility?

You can lift your online credibility by contributing information to the online forums. You can also write good articles with credible information and join professional discussions. Your name is at stake when building up online credibility, so you must ensure that you are always doing the right thing, or else, people will treat you as a spam.

If people see that you are expert and you know what you are doing, other internet business advertising site will be more likely to trust you and advertise with you. Customers are more likely to trust your business.

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Douglas Jackson said...

I think this is a very good point. Online credibility is a key component to getting and, more importantly, to keeping readers. Another suggestion I've also read, is put your identity on the site where it is easily accessible to readers. This information can include your contact information, as well as a biography about what makes you qualified to write about your topic. Also, I've read that including a picture of yourself makes you more credible to people. According to "Freakonomics" people may perceive a picture-less person as a person who has something to hide (Caveat: "Freakonomics" examined the credibility a picture adds in the context of online dating sites, not business websites).