February 5, 2010

Integrating E-mail Marketing with Social Media

Five years ago, small businesses are on the hype of using email for marketing their business. But during this climax of using email marketing tool, social networking sites such as Facebook starts to dominate the field of internet marketing.

The main reason why small business are turning their back with email marketing and spend time most in social networking is because people are using social networking for communication than using email system. The average Facebook user spends 55 minutes a day on the site, and the time spent on sites like Facebook has increased 90% in the past six years. Bringing your business into social networking will help you broaden your potentials to reach your business.

With these new technologies and new tools, email marketing is not yet obsolete. You can turn to social networking for your internet marketing but you can still use email marketing. You just need to figure out how to make this work in your business and you can still find email marketing useful for your business.

To make it work, you can integrate email marketing with your social networking page. Integrating email marketing and social marketing will help you come up with another tool called social email marketing. Setting up social email marketing is fairly simple. There are several downloadable snap-in tools, including Xobni, TwinBox, or FeedMailer, that will allow email recipients to follow your company's social site and post links to their own. All you have to do is to provide a content that is related to your customer’s social site.

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