January 6, 2010

Sharing Value Over the Internet Community

Web marketing is totally different from that of TV, newspaper and radio advertising. The tendency of the consumers is to let their fingers run on the keyboard to shop online. In order for your internet business to be recognized by modern consumers, you must establish relationship with potential customers online. Building a relationship will make your customers learn, like and trust you and your business.

When you are building a relationship with consumers, you are giving them value. Valuing means you are sharing your knowledge and information from these customers without any costs involve. This will earn you a credibility because you are able to demonstrate to them worthy and valuable information.

If you are into Social Networking, you must exert an effort to know new people. You should react to these people in the same manner. Get to know more about this person and determine if he/she is a potential customer to your business.

Review the thoughts you have shared in your Social Network and forums and identify if you are sharing value with your network of friends. Treat every connection as a prospective customer and be careful of what you are sharing.

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