October 30, 2009

Optimizing Your Business With Social Media

Optimizing your internet business with Social Media will boost out your business. Social Media is one of the powerful tools in defining your business practices toward improving your site’s performance in the cyberspace.

The following are the rules you might want to take note in optimizing your internet business with Social Media.

1. Improve your linkability

To optimize your business website, you must prioritize increasing its linkability. Do not remain static, by this we mean your website is rarely updated. You can start a blog or aggregate content that exists somewhere in the internet. There are many ways out there to increase your linakbiliy, you just have to tap and use it.

2. Tag and Bookmark.

You can add content features like quick buttons to "add to del.icio.us". This will make tagging of pages easier. Make sure that your pages include relevant tags and submit website to popular social bookmarking sites.

3. Travel your Content

Submit your content to some relevant sites and create a drive links back to you site.

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