September 3, 2009

Embrace Mobile Application For Your Business

Mobile Applications today is just everywhere and almost all are accessible to everyone and in everywhere. This innovation is one really cool invention men have made and I believe it's about time to embrace this technology to put your best foot forward for your internet business.

And TJ McCue of Small Business Trends, generously compiled for us 19 Mobile Applications we can use for our internet / small business.

1. Sumotext is a mobile marketing app that focused on SMS/text messaging only. They offered short codes. Those are the cool 5-digit codes you see on ads where text messaging is part of the campaign. With 160 characters allowed in a text message, every bit counts. They did not appear to have a free trial, but only monthly subscriptions starting at $79/month.
2. Mojiva is a mobile ad network. They have a very hip and intuitive interface for both advertisers and publishers. As soon as you start creating an ad, the screen shows you standard web phone interface or iPhone interface. There is a publisher portal and an advertiser portal, plus they have an affiliate program.
The above two tools is just a teaser guys. Check out all 19 Mobile Apps in his post -- 19 Mobile Apps to Put You in Front of More Customers.


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