March 4, 2009

Use PEX Card to Control Employee Expense and Reimbursement

Employers will definitely love this as I was also amazed that this service can offer to a lot of business owners out there. It is named as PEX Card.

Control Employee Expenses And Reimbursement

In today’s economic climate, credit is fast becoming more limited to access and this can cause disruptions and be costly to small businesses. Additionally, many are cutting back and pinching pennies wherever they can right now and effective management of funds is now crucial.

Toffer Grant has an efficient solution for just this purpose. Toffer is the CEO and Founder of the PEX Visa prepaid card program. A program that allows business owners to closely control employee spending, expenses and reimbursement in real-time. Best of all - it isn’t a bank account.

I found this news from a podcasting site - SMBTrendWire.Com, where Mr. Toffer Grant was interviewed by Anita Campbell on how PEX Card Control Employee Expenses And Reimbursement. You can listen to the podcast and might as well consider this for your business.

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