March 16, 2009

Be A Responsible Internet Business Owner

With the advent of technology, there are many ways that an internet business owner can build relationships, promote content and build branding. Most of the time, the platform that offers this venue for promotion are of less expensive and even free.

To mention, here comes the social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. But like any other services, these social media sites are still here for business. After all, everything is business. These social media sites are undeniably very helpful source for free advertising, content and brand promotion over the net but just like any other aspects of life there are some drawbacks to that. It's not necessarily drawback but we must be responsible enough on how we use these social media sites effectively to our business.

I have found a good source we can refer to that will serve as an awakening call for us. Check out this article --Is Facebook Turning Us Into Digital Sharecroppers?

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