January 14, 2009

Top Ten Technology Trends for Small Businesses 2009

Wrapping the year 2008 is just a few days ago. Now, it's about time to look forward and see what we can do for a better 2009. To start with, I would like to share this article I found written by Ramon Ray -- The Top Ten Technology Trends for Small Businesses - 2009.

1. Netbook Adoption Accelerates
2. Built-in Wireless Broadband Usages Widens
3. Cell Phones Get more Software
4. Unified Communications Increase
5. Online Data Backups Proliferate
6. Social Media Becomes Strategic
7. Online Video gets Cheaper and More Widespread
8. Video Conference Solutions Expand
9. Hosted Software Applications Go on the Fast Track
10. Online Presence Gap Widens

Wondering what the list is about? Read the detailed explanation of Ramon Ray why these technology are the trends to lookout for 2009.


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