November 14, 2008

Web Start-Up Targets Music Wannabes

This is a good news for all internet business dreamers. I found an inspiring article about an online start up which I stumbled upon Wall Street Journal.

A Web start-up hopes to cash in on the popularity of social-networking sites, music television shows like "American Idol" and online multiplayer games by combining all of them.
Music Mogul LLC is expected next week to unveil a Web-based animated environment -- often called a virtual world -- that lets members upload videos of themselves performing to compete for a three-song demo deal with a production company in addition to attending virtual concerts and events by real-life celebrities and networking with others. Members would also be able to play games and complete missions to increase their status on the site from an industry hopeful to an influential mogul.
You can read more on this inspiring online start up news written by Yukari Iwatani Kane -- Web Start-Up Targets Music Wannabes!

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