October 3, 2008

Why not stick to the side you’re on right now?

According to The Economic Times, It's trendier and easier to build your own Start Up. In spite of the financial crisis in U.S., do you think it is still trendy and easy to venture in business start ups?

Many individuals consider themselves ‘born entrepreneurs’. They may work regular jobs and earn monthly pay checks but deep down, believe that they have what it takes to strike gold some day. Add to this the fact that today, it’s trendier, easier and infinitely more desirable to build your own start up.

No surprisingly, more people with bright ideas and an independent streak are now quitting their jobs to be the kings—or queens—of their own domain. But then not everyone makes it. In the corporate jungle, an alarming majority of startups, even those with a great business proposition, get mauled by high operational costs, lack of skilled manpower and market fluctuations.

In such a situation, some find it comforting to put their entrepreneurial urge to use while staying on with their employers. Enter the ‘Intrapreneurs’ who combine the best of both worlds: a secure job that comes with the freedom to innovate, sans the risk. They also raise an interesting question: Even if the grass is greener on the other side, why not stick to the side you’re on right now?

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