October 24, 2008

Business like Other Aspects of Life is an Ecosystem!

Well, if you are like me dreaming of starting your online business then I believe you should begin getting involved to communities that will help you get that web and social presence you need. This is part of growing a social network which proves the cliché saying – “No Man is an Island”.

As an aspiring internet business enthusiast, I’m calling to myself and fellow internet business dreamers to be active in the Internet community and e-commerce clubs as well. Just last week, I am glad to be invited by Ms. Janette Toral in DigitalFilipino.Com Club to join a networking event which I attended the other night, October 21, 2008 at Grand Regal Hotel.

It was indeed a fun-filled experience and I am very grateful to have met hundreds of bloggers and entrepreneurs in the venue. Way back my college years, socializing is not my business and I almost labeled myself as an aloof person who’s just contented in the corner in her very own comfort zone. Well, worse maybe others labeled me that way already but I tell you, I no longer am. Just as my motivation always says – “The greatest amount of wasted time is the time not getting started!”

Well, I’m happy to share to you some of the photos I had with the other bloggers in town during this DigitalFilipino.Com Club – Social Networking Event.

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