September 30, 2008

Samir Mehta in Tech Start Ups Again

Our featured Internet personality for today is Samir Mehta who's now in the news again for a new Tech Start Up. He will for sure inspire us to pursue on our Internet business dreams.
So who is Samir?
Samir Mehta is a 41-year-old serial entrepreneur, who because of his ventures has been likened to a gymnast for his agility in business. You may have heard of him a few years ago when he sold 4th Pass, developers of a Java-based wireless platform, to Motorola for $20 million.
And he's making the news again with a startup, Keetli. The products of this startup are intended to assist consumers in managing high-definition video. You can check out the whole story about Samir Mehta in Tech Start Ups Again at Info World.
Well, does it sounds interesting? For me it is. By the way, here's more about Samir Mehta from which I found his LinkedIn profile. Currently, he's a Sr. Product Manager in Yahoo and does have a reputable past experiences too. Wow, that's all I can say!

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