August 23, 2011

9 Simple Things Pros Use to Promote Online Business

If you think putting up a website would make customers come to you in a snap, you have got to think again! Getting your business noticed by billions of people whose attention span ranges from 0 to 10 seconds at a time is a pretty tough feat.

August 16, 2011

7 Tips to Prevent Cybercriminals from Victimizing Your Online Business

Business owners have largely benefited from the many advantages of being technologically advanced. If you can still vaguely remember the time when websites and blog sites aren’t as crucial to today’s business, I bet you can also remember what crimes are being perpetuated against business owners at the time. As businesses start to grow and develop online, so do the crimes become more sophisticated and more sinister. One thing has not changed over the years though and it is the fact that crimes being committed against small businesses may lead to its demise. Security cameras, alarms and other measures are necessary to protect your assets but what about your online business?

7 Tips on Online Security for your Business:
  1. Invest in a dependable and updated security software suite.
  2. Ensure that every computer you use for your business has its own firewall software.
  3. Be careful in giving out sensitive information especially in social networking sites and make certain that your staff receive at least the basic online security training so that they are aware of the ill-effects cyber-crime would have on your business.
  4. Change your pass phrases once a staff leaves your company.
  5. Don’t keep manufacturer’s default settings on any installed software.
  6. Use Wi-Fi protection. If you are accessing sensitive information, be sure that you are on a secured network.
  7. Consider installing software that would hide your IP address. IP addresses have information such as your zip code, city, state and even what browser you are using.

Our businesses should always be protected. We can’t afford to overlook the importance of it, especially not for small businesses. As more enterprises go online, there would always be the prevalence of crimes. Prevention has always been better than cure and to prevent any unscrupulous person to victimize you and your business, you have to take your security measures up a notch.

August 9, 2011

Should You Mobilize Your Online Business?

When desktops, laptops and e-commerce were the trends to follow for business success, everyone slowly but surely built their own websites, paid to optimize their sites, improved their landing pages and all other stuff that had we known we would all do 10 years from now, our mind probably would have reeled. Now with rapidly growing technology that is mobile connectivity, we are all faced with a similar question that we business owners had faced before: do we really need this? What will we stand to gain? And of course that all-important question of whether our business could actually afford it.

July 26, 2011

Data Backup for Non-Techie Entrepreneurs

Operating a full-scale business online has its own risks, like everything else. Perhaps one of the gravest threats to your business is data loss. Whether it is because of some technical issue, viruses/malware or human error, this may mean the possible death of your business. It is fine if you’re an IT professional but what about the rest of us who aren’t blessed with as much technical knowledge as others are? Most people realize the need to backup their files but this realization does not necessarily mean that they all do. Some people forget about it, what with the daily business grind and some people may find it a challenge to do so because they’re not really familiar with it.